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    Boltless Mill Liners

    Working Principle

    The product, invented by Mr. Chen Chang- shun, senior engineer and the director of the company, is known as “China  ' s Best Liner”. It includes two parts, high wear resistance boltless plates, and highly expandable riveting plates, which are self-fastened and strengthened to withstand impact from mill balls. With more than 20-year application in coal mills of power plants, ball mills of cement plants and mining mills, boltless lining system proves to be much more stable and reliable than traditional bolted lining system. The advantages of our boltless liners are no fastening holes, no leakage of powder, no breakage of bolts, no maintenance during working periods and noise reduction.

    The features for different applications

    A. Mining industry------We specially design Double-Media Quenching Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel Boltless Ball-mill Liners.

    They are new products in the series of Chen’s liners and are substitutes, valuable but cheaper, for high manganese steel liners in wet-grinding process of mining industry, which are designed to achieve the maximum economic benefits. Their anti-wear properties are 1.5 times as much as those of high manganese steel. With our special double-media quenching process, the liners can not only achieve ideal hardness (HRC48-55) but also ideal toughness value (AK30~100J). The hardness difference from surface to the core of every piece of liner is less than HRC1. or In wet process, based on specific working condition, we also would like to recommend Cr18 or Cr23 liners, which service life will be more than twice of high Mn Steel liners (13%Mn) in same working condition.

    B. Cement industry------We made a more elaborate design for the cement mill boltless liners to achieve above 5% production increase. For cement grinding, we recommend high chrome alloy steel liners or double-media quenching chrome-moly alloy steel liners. The general advantages in cement mills are as follows

    1、Output Increased 5-10%
    2、Fineness improved About 1%
    3、Granule distribution becomes narrower.
    4、Power Consumption Reduced 5-10%
    5、Maintenance Decreased Above 98%
    6、Liner Consumption Reduced 20-80%
    7、The liners are easily installed and existing mills need no modification.

    C. Coal-fired power plant-----In China, we commit to our clients in power plants as follows

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