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    Wuxi Orient Anti-wear Co., Ltd.

    We specialize in production of wear, heat and corrosion-resistant castings and the relevant grinding equipments. We were awarded the certificate of High New Technology Enterprise issued by Sci-tech Bureau, Jiangsu Province in 2004.
    We possess famous patented product----COMBINED SELF-FASTENED (BOLTLESS) BALL MILL LINERS, called "China Best Liner", was invented under the guidance of the “System Engineering Theory of Ball-Mills”, which was proposed by General Manager, Senior Engineer, Mr. Chen Changshun. The lining plates, without any bolts, are easily installed. The plates are firmly assembled and easily maintained under a low cost. This is an epoch-making ball mill liner product in the past 100 years. The reliability and stability of the new plates are much better than those of traditional bolted ones. In the recent 20 years the boltless ball mill liners have been widely used in large, medium and small ball mills in coal-fired power plants, mines, cement works, chemical engineering factories and super fine powder grinding plants. It is the only recommended liner product which is allowed to be list into the latest Electrical Power Industry Standard in China (DL/T681-1999). The product was awarded the certificate of High New Technology Product, issued by Sci-tech Bureau, Jiangsu Province in 2004.
    Our products involve various kinds of materials, such as low Chrome alloy steel, middle Chrome alloy steel, high Chrome alloy steel, high chromium white iron, low chromium cast iron, Ni-hard cast iron, high Manganese steel and other heat and corrosion-resistant castings. Our foundry has necessary production and heat treatment equipments, such as mid-frequency induction electrical furnaces, quenching and tempering furnaces, blast shot. Test facilities include Spectrometer for chemical analysis, HRC table hardness tester, HBN table hardness tester, two portable hardness testers, impactor and universal material testing machine for inspection of mechanical properties, matrix microscope for metallographic examination, ultrasonic tester for ultrasonic inspection and magnetic particle tester for magnetic testing. These facilities are used to ensure the consistent quality of products. We achieved the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Our current capacity of finished castings is 4500 tons / year. We have a good credit of delivery of products in accordance with the contracts.

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